Technology: About Theradux

Theradux® Technology

OrPro’s Theradux® technology combines the mucosal-surface selectivity and pH-independent disulfide-reductase activity of secreted thioredoxin with a patented target-binding mechanism that facilitates extracellular thioredoxin activity while minimizing interaction with intracellular thioredoxin functions. This innovative approach restricts thioredoxin activity to the epithelial surface, enabling topical delivery without systemic uptake with the goal of enhancing on-target efficacy and minimizing the potential for off-target effects. Theradux lead candidate ORP100S is in early-stage development for COVID-19 and obstructive airway diseases as well as for non-pulmonary indications with unmet needs where extracellular thioredoxin supplementation may provide therapeutic benefit. Theradux technology encompasses a range of thioredoxin-derived proteins and peptides that form stable covalent linkages to molecular targets on multiple epithelial surfaces including the lung, eye, and GI/urogenital tracts.